Past events

2021-11-02 – 11-04 Workshop
MaRDI Kick-Off Workshop
2021-09-27 Symposium
DMV-ÖMG 2021 Minisymposium - Ready for MaRDI:
Am I a Digital Mathematician?
Presentation of theNFDI-Consortium MaRDI at
DMV-ÖMG Annual Conference

Karsten Tabelow and Thomas Koprucki, Berlin; Moritz Schubotz and Olaf Teschke, Karlsruhe

Have you seen yourself typing $$ in an Email or did you miss the possibility to search for a mathematical formula in Google? If yes, you are already on your way to become a digital mathematician. The good news is, you are not alone and many mathematicians also use computers to obtain mathematical results.
The mathematical research data initiative (MaRDI) in Germany aims to connect those people and facilitates the sharing and finding of mathematical research data and mathematical knowledge. MaRDI aims to establish best practices and low-barrier infrastructures for mathematicians to better organize and access large amounts of data and knowledge. MaRDI aims to integrate individual results, e.g., as contained in a paper, into a common knowledge base like Wikipedia. In this minisymposium, we present the state-of-the-art and lessons learned from practical experience in handling mathematical research data and information. We invite mathematicians to share and discuss their experiences, needs, concerns and perspectives on the digital transformation and the innovations necessary to drive it across all levels of the mathematical ecosystem covering students, researchers, reviewers and funding bodies.

Max Horn (Uni Kaiserslautern)
Towards confirmable computer algebra
Stephan Rave (WWU Münster)
A knowledge graph for numerical algorithms
Olaf Teschke (zbMATH, FIZ Karlsruhe)
zbMATH Open as a hub for digital research data
Philipp Scharpf (Uni Konstanz)
Mathematical Entity Linking - Methods and Applications
Christoph Lehrenfeld (Uni Göttingen)
Reproducible and accessible research with the CRC 1456
Ulrike Lucke (Uni Potsdam)
Mathematics and informatics within the NFDI (Lucke)
2020-09-15 Symposium
MaRDI Mini Symposium:
A Research Infrastructure Tailored for Mathematics in the Digital Age
DMV Annual Meeting 2020
2020-08-15 Symposium
Submission of binding letter of intent for MaRDI 2020
2020-07-08 – 07-09 Symposium
MaRDI presentation
2nd NFDI conference 2020
2020 Symposium
MaRDI presentation
3rd Leibniz-Symposium NFDI
2019-09-24 Symposium
MaRDI Mini Symposium:
Opening Mathematical Research Data for the Next Generation
DMV Annual Conference on FAIRmath
2019-05-13 – 05-14 Symposium
MaRDI presentation
1st NFDI conference 2019